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Pressure testing cylinder head



01—420 Pressure testing cylinder head




Pressure test with air under water in bar gauge pressure


Special tools


Pressure testing plate
m110 - 0063-1.jpg
110 589 00 25 00


Suspension fixture
m110 - 0063-2.jpg
110 589 34 63 00


Conventional tool


Electrically heated sink
e.g. made by Otto Diirr, D-7123 Sachsenheim-Ochsenbach


Pressure testing
m110 - 0063-3.jpg
If the loss of water indicates cracks, the cylinder head must be pressure tested.
1    Bolt pressure testing plate to a cleaned cylinder head.
2   Plug holes and connections.
3   Connect compressed air hose (1) and regulate compressed air to 2 bar gauge pressure.


01.2-420/1 F3




4   Attach cylinder head to suspension device and lower into heated water (80°C).
5   Find location of leaks, if air bubbles rise.
m110 - 0064-1.jpg


01.2-420/2 F3