Engine lubrication,  OM617

Removal and installation of oil filter



18—110 Removal and installation of oil filter


Tightening torques
Nuts for oil filter cover (cap)
Screws for oil filter on cylinder crankcase
Special tool



Torque wrench 3/8″ square head, 8-32 Nm
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001 589 51 21 00


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When removing oil filter, residue from gasket may remain stuck to flange surface of cylinder crankcase.
To prevent such residue from entering the clean oil duct (arrow) of cylinder crankcase during removal (e.g. by scraping), make sure to cover or close bores first.


Residue from gasket dropping into clean oil duct may be flushed by the oil to the oil spray nozzles and plug the bore (1.5 mm dia.) there.
A plugged oil spray nozzle will definitely result in engine damage (seized pistons).


18.8-110/1 F2




1 Unscrew oil filter cover (cap) and pull up for a short distance so that the oil flows back to oil pan.
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2    Unscrew oil cooler lines (arrows).
3    Unscrew line toward oil pressure gage on oil filter of models 116 and 123 (arrow).
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Models 116 and 123 (engines 617.950/952)


On model 126 pull off single plug connection (1) of electric line toward oil pressure gage on oil pressure transmitter (2).
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Model 126 (engine 617.951)


4 Unscrew oil feed line (3) toward exhaust gas turbocharger on oil filter (arrow).
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Models 116 and 123 (engines 617.950/952)


18.8-110/2 F2




Model 126 (engine 617.951)
5    Unscrew oil filter (5 hex. socket screws) and remove.
6   Thoroughly clean sealing surfaces on oil filter and cylinder crankcase.
For this purpose, close bores on cylinder crankcase.
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7    Position oil filter with new gasket and screw down.
8   Screw on oil cooler lines.
9   Connect lines toward oil pressure gage on oil filter or on oil pressure transmitter.


10   Screw on oil feed line for exhaust gas turbo-charger on oil filter.
11    Mount oil filter cover (cap) and screw down.
12    Run engine at idle and check for leaks.


18.8-110/3 F2