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Checking thermostat in oil filter



18—120 Checking thermostat in oil filter


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Telethermometer for measuring engine
oil temperature
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To obtain a favorable operating temperature of engine oil at a faster rate, a thermostat with an opening tem­perature of 110 °C (formerly 95 °C), part No. 117 180 00 75 has been installed in oil filter since December 1979.


The thermostat 110 °C can also be installed in engines manufactured at an earlier date as a spare part.


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116.120                617.950               019719




1    Exchange oil dipstick for flexible heat sensor.
2    Run engine at increased speed and watch tele-thermometer.
3   At an oil temperature of 110 ± 4 °C or 95 ± 4 °C, depending on thermostat installed, a distinctive increase of oil temperature on oil cooler should be noticeable (manually).
If not, replace thermostat (18-125). 18.8-120/1 F2