Injection system,  OM617

Venting Injection System



07.1—140 Venting Injection System


Venting fuel filter
om617 - 0272-1.jpg
1 Release union screw (3) at fuel filter.


2 Release knob on hand feed pump and operate this pump until clear fuel (containing no air bubbles) emerges from union screw. Now tighten union screw again.
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Venting injection pump


3 Operate hand pump until bypass valve at injection pump opens (audible rattling sound).


07.1.8-140/1 F2




4        Retighten knob on hand feed pump.
Note: This forces the pump piston against a sealing ring and seals the hand pump off from atmosphere. If knob is released during operation, hand feed pump will leak, allowing air to enter fuel system.
5        Run engine and check whether all connections are tight.