Crankshaft assembly,  OM617

Renewing ring gear of flywheel



03—430 Renewing ring gear of flywheel




Lateral runout on ring gear
max. 0.4
Centering flange dia. for ring gear
Shrink-on temperature
220 °C
Annealing color
Conventional accessory



Temperature measuring chalk
e.g. from AW Faber-Castell D-8504 Stein bei Niirnberg color no. 2815/220 (white) Thermochrom




The ring gear is hardened. To protect hardness, the temperature for hardening ring gear should not exceed 220 °C at any point. This can be done reliably only by means of a hot plate or a heating oven.
An open flame may be used as an exception only. The flame should touch only the inside of the ring gear.
Following renewal of a ring gear, the flywheel need not be balanced.




1    Center drill old ring gear and break up with a chisel or heat quickly and immediately remove.
2   Clean mounting surface of ring gear on flywheel.
3    Uniformly heat new ring gear on a hot plate or in a heating oven.
For this purpose, use temperature measuring chalk in accordance with instructions whenever possible.






4 Mount heated ring gear immediately on flywheel.
The tooth chamfer (arrow) should face starter motor.
As a spare part, ring gears are available with chamfered teeth only.
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03.8-430/2 F 2