Crankshaft assembly,  OM617

Statically balancing of flywheel



03-440 Statically balancing of flywheel






Flywheel for
Balancing bores Max. depth of bore
Bore dia.
Hole pattern dia.
Automatic transmission
Special tool





Balancing mandrel (Flywheel for automatic and manual transmission)
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617 589 00 63 00


Conventional tool


Rotating device for static balancing
e.g. made by Trebel, D-4030 Ratingen type EO




The engine is fully balanced, that is, the complete engine has been balanced on a balancing machine.
Since in the event of repairs this type of balancing cannot be performed, while on the other hand the balanced condition of the engine should be main­tained as much as possible, a new flywheel must be brought to the same balancing condition as the removed flywheel.


Static balancing


1 Place old and new flywheel one above the other in such a manner that all the bores are in alignment and both coupling surfaces are facing in one direction.






2 Insert balancing mandrel and screw-on new fly­wheel offset by accurately 180° in relation to old flywheel.
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01    Mounting
02   Shaft
03    Centering disc


3 Permit balancing mandrel with both flywheels to swing on rotating device to stop.
om617 - 0140-2.jpg


4 If an unbalance if found, drill as many holes on heavy side of new flywheel as required until the fly­wheels will come to a rest in any position without swinging.
The hole circle dia., the drill dia. and the max. drilling depth must be maintained.