Crankcase and cylinder head,  OM617

Measuring oil comsumption



01—025 Measuring oil comsumption


Special tools


Oil dipstick with millimeter scale
om617 - 0018-1.jpg
115 589 15 21 00
Valve for interrupting oil return flow from air-oil cooler
110 589 00 91 00
116 589 27 21 00




The oil consumption can be measured by means of oil dipstick with millimeter scale and the pertinent dia­gram on back of data sheet.
Since there are two oil dipsticks and different data sheets, the following instructions should be observed:
On this engine use only oil dipstick, part no. 115 589 15 21 00 (red handle).


Data sheet
German/English, print no. 800.99.402.00 B French/Spanish, print no. 800.99.402.01 B
The sequence for measuring consumption is described on front page of data sheet.
To avoid faulty measuring, check engine oil for dilu­tion by fuel prior to measuring consumption.


01.8-025/1 F2




To prevent any return flow of oil from air-oil cooler while measuring, install check valve between air-oil cooler and upper oil hose.
If the check valves cannot be installed due to insuffi­cient space, mount check valves with pipe elbow and connecting line.

om617 - 0019-1.jpg

118 -13 563


Bleed air-oil cooler prior to measuring consumption.
For this purpose, plug 2 transparent plastic hoses on bleed screws located on check valve. Remove oil filler hole plug on cylinder head cover and insert both hoses into filler hole.
om617 - 0019-2.jpg




To prevent oil ejections it is recommended to use an oil filler plug with two bores (OD of hoses).
om617 - 0019-3.jpg




01.8-025/2 F2