Crankshaft assembly,  OM617

Instructions for full balancing of engine



03—450 Instructions for full balancing of engine


The engine 617.950 is fully balanced, that is, the complete engine has been balanced on a balancing machine.


Since in the event of repairs, such balancing cannot be performed, while the balanced condition of the engine must be maintained as much as possible, the following rules and measures should be observed:
1 Spare part crankshafts are supplied without fly­wheel, balancing disc, pulley and vibration damper. These parts are taken from the removed crankshaft.
Spare part crankshafts are balanced to zero.


2   When exchanging the crankshaft, the mark (arrow) on flange of removed crankshaft must be placed at the same spot on new crankshaft.
3   When exchanged, flywheel and balancing disc must be balanced to balancing condition of removed parts by static balancing (03-344 and 03-440).
Do not balance vibration damper.
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4   When installing new connecting rods, pay attention to weight classes. Only those connecting rods may be installed in an engine which comply with the weight class of the removed connecting rods (03—313).
5   Shortblocs are fully balanced.