Injection system,  OM617

Installation of injection pump (with locking screw)



07.1—201 Installation of injection pump (with locking screw)


Adjusting value


Set engine to -15° after TDC of 1st cylinder


Special tools


Locking screw
601 589 05 21 00


Driving square 1/2″, 80 mm for rotating engine
617 589 00 16 00




Remove engine pump (07.1—200).


om617 - 0292-1.jpg
1 Rotate engine in direction of rotation once and set to —15° after TDC of 1st cylinder.
Note: Clearances must be compensated.


2   Mount new gasket.
3   Lock injection pump. For this purpose, rotate pump shaft until 4th tooth on driver after tooth gap is in alignment with mark (arrows).
om617 - 0292-2.jpg


07.1.8-201/1 F3




4 Slip in locking screw until there is a noticeable lock, turn camshaft slightly, if required.
Tighten coupling nut manually.
om617 - 0293-1.jpg


5   Slip coupling sleeve on driver.
6   Install injection pump, tighten.
7   Remove locking screw (arrow). Additional jobs (07.1-200 starting item 16).
om617 - 0293-2.jpg


07.1.8-201/2 F3