Injection system,  OM617

Checking injection timing (begin of delivery) (position indicator RIV method)



07.1-111 Checking injection timing (begin of delivery) (position indicator RIV method)


Job no. of flat rates or standard texts and flat rates data 07—8240.


Testing and adjusting value


Rl-test value (indirect injection timing)
-15° ± 1.5° (after TDC)
Rl-adjusting value (indirect injection timing)
-15° (after TDC)
Tightening torque
Closing plug on regulator (measuring point)
Special tools



Position indicator
om617 - 0253-1.jpg
617 589 08 21 00


Drive square 1/2″, 80 mm long for rotating engine
loot o o’oo’o1!
617 589 00 16 00


om617 - 0253-2.jpg
1 Remove closing plug (2).
When removing closing plug approx. 0.2 I engine oil will flow out. Collect oil.


2 Slip position transmitter into regulator housing. Make sure that the guide pin of position indicator (arrow) is pointing upward. Tighten coupling nut manually.
om617 - 0253-3.jpg


07.1.8-111/1 F3




3 Connect indicating unit according to wiring diagram.
om617 - 0254-1.jpg
7    Position indicator
8    Indicating unit
9    Battery terminal (battery +)


4 Rotate engine manually (in direction of rotation only) until lamp “A” lights up. Carefully continue rotating engine until both lamps are lighting up (“A and B”). In this position, read begin of delivery on graduated scale.
Rl-value: -15° after TDC
If only lamp “B” lights up, repeat checkup.
om617 - 0254-2.jpg


5   Remove position indicator, screw in closing plug.
6   Perform leak test with engine running. Check engine oil level or correct, if required.


07.1.8-111/2 F3