M110,  Mechanical gazoline injection system CIS

Replacement of air flow sensor



07.3—220 Replacement of air flow sensor




Following installation of light alloy fuel distributor in production vehicles (series), the safety switch on air flow sensor is no longer installed. An electronic relay is used instead (for operation, refer to 07.3—500).


Layout and testing of fuel pump relay (07.3—165).
For test jobs performed with engine stopped and fuel pump running, pull off fuel pump relay and bridge the two jacks.
m110 - 0500-1.jpg
Prior to September 1981: Jack 1 and 2. Starting September 1981: Jack 7 and 8.
Model 126


m110 - 0500-2.jpg


m110 - 0500-3.jpg
1    Remove and install mixture controller (07.3—200).
2   Remove and install fuel distributor (07.3-205).


07.3.2 Ma —220/1 F 2