M110,  Mechanical gazoline injection system CIS

Removal and installation of injection valves



07.3-215 Removal and installation of injection valves


Tightening torques (reference values)


Injection lines to fuel distributor


Injection lines to injection valves




1    Remove air cleaner.
2   Unscrew injection lines from injection valves and on fuel distributor. When loosening injection lines, apply counterhold to injection valves.


3 Loosen fastening nuts and remove fastening bridges.
For removing injection valves from cylinder 5, remove 6 pressure dampers.
When removing fastening bridges, apply counterhold to injection valves, so that injection valves and insulating sleeves are not pulled out at the same time.
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4 Pull out injection valves while applying counter­hold to insulating sleeves (2). If the insulating sleeves are pulled out, install new O-rings (1).
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07.3.2 I la —21 5/1
F 2




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5   Install injection valves in vice versa sequence. For this purpose, transfer rubber sealing rings (3) or re­place, if required.
Install fastening bridges in such a manner that the lugs are at the left.
Note: Mount pulled-out insulating sleeves with new O-rings.
6   Connect injection lines while paying attention to tightening torques as reference values.
When tightening injection lines, apply counterhold to injection valves as well as to double thread connec­tions on fuel distributor.
7   Run engine and check all fuel connections for leaks.


07.3.2 I la-21 5/2 F2