Carburetor, fuel pump, throttle linkage,  M110

Subsequent installation of bypass bores of stage II



07.2—176 Subsequent installation of bypass bores of stage II


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To prevent bypass faults (stage jump) from stage I to stage II, the bypass bores (arrow) are located 8 mm deeper under air valve starting January 1973 or starting carburetor cover code number “04”, respec­tively. Subsequent installation is generally possible.


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1    Remove carburetor cover, remove air valves of stage 11.
2   Close former bypass bores by riveting with aluminum plugs of 2 mm dia. and, in similar align­ment underneath, 8 mm above carburetor cover parting surface, drill a new bypass bore 2 mm dia. for each stage.
Carburetor cover code number


07.2.2 la—176/1




3   Blow through riser pipes (158) for stage II, install air valves, while paying attention to easy operation of valves.
4   Mount carburetor cover.
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R 07/7410


07.2.2 la-176/2