Carburetor, fuel pump, throttle linkage,  M110

Subsequent installation of modified adjusting pin for air valve preload of stage II



07.2-175 Subsequent installation of modified adjusting pin for air valve preload of stage II


Testing and adjusting values


National version
Adjusting weight


170 + 2


160 ±2


Federal 1973/74
112 ± 2


California 1974
143 + 2


Federal and California 1975/76
170 ±2


M These dimensions apply to St 37. When using other materials, the specified testing weight must be maintained. The respective length results from this weight.


Air valve gap


When loaded with adjusting weight
1.5 mm


Conventional tools


Hex. socket wrench 2.5 mm


Drill 4.6 mm dia.


Self-made tool


Adjusting device for air valve of stage II
m110 - 0347-1.jpg


07.2.2 la—175/1




Subsequent installation


1    Remove carburetor cover (07.2—192).
2   Unscrew locking screw (212), remove adjusting pin (76) and restoring spring of adjusting pin.


3   Clamp carburetor cover into vise, using projective jaws.
4   Extend rear mounting bore of adjusting pin. For this purpose, drill completely through housing eye (1) with a drill of 4.6 mm dia.
m110 - 0348-1.jpg
A Before B New


Do not damage carburetor housing wall (2) toward mixing chamber while drilling.


5    Install new adjusting pin with knurls and restoring spring with slide block. For this purpose, move restor­ing spring into installation position. Slip-in adjusting pin up to stop while turning adjusting that the restoring spring can engage in slot of driver. Install carburetor cover.
6   Complete air valve adjustment of stage II (07.2-170).
m110 - 0348-2.jpg
1    Housing eye
2    Carburetor housing wall 76    Adjusting pin
212    Locking screw
262    Restoring spring


New adjusting pin with knurls (arrow)
m110 - 0348-3.jpg


07.2.2 la-175/2