Carburetor, fuel pump, throttle linkage,  M110

Removal and installation of carburetor cover



07.2—192 Removal and installation of carburetor cover


Tightening torques


with new insulating flange


Carburetor fastening nuts


with insulating flange used up to now


Special tool


Torque wrench 4—16 Nm (40—160 kpcm)
m110 - 0369-1.jpg
000 589 67 21 00


m110 - 0369-2.jpg
1 Remove air filter.
2 Pull off fuse (43) and disconnect choke rod.
3 Unscrew carburetor fastening nuts.
4 Unscrew carburetor cover fastening screws (arrow).


5 Force off carburetor cover at forcing-off point and remove.
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07.2.2 la—192/1




m110 - 0370-1.jpg
6 Install carburetor cover in vice versa sequence. Use new gasket.
Prior to mounting carburetor cover, make sure that holddown (34) is installed.


Tighten carburetor fastening nuts uniformly and crosswise to specified torque.
To prevent distortion of carburetor, tighten with a torque wrench only and up to specified torque.
m110 - 0370-2.jpg


07.2.2 la-192/2