Crankshaft assembly,  M110

Static balancing of balance disc



03—344 Static balancing of balance disc


Special tool


Balance disc holder
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617 589 02 63 00


Conventional tool


Rolling device
Trebel, D-4030 Ratingen,
type EO, order no. 03600/0904/E 0010




The balance condition of the old balance disc must be transferred to the new balance disc.
All parts of a broken balance disc must be pasted together and be statically balanced with a new balance disc.


Static balancing
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1    Place new balance disc on balancing holder with an offset of 180° over old one.
2   Let balancing holder with both balance discs oscillate on rolling device.


3 Drill new balance disc in such a manner, that the balance discs remain still without oscillating in any position on the rolling device.
Pay attention to position of balancing bores (illustration).
Hole depth max 25 mm.
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Balancing disc rear


03.2-344/1 F2