Engine cooling,  OM617

Draining and filling-in of coolant  antifreeze table



20—010 Draining and filling-in of coolant — antifreeze table


Total capacities of cooling system with heater and mixing ratio Antifreeze’I/water2) in liters


Total capacity
Cooling system with heater
Mixing ratio antifreeze/water for antifreeze protection up to


-30 °C
-40 °C




123 126
617.952 617.951


1)  Refer to specifications for service products page 325.
2)  Refer to specifications for service products page 310 and 311.


Tightening torques


Drain plug radiator model
Drain plug radiator models
123, 126


M This torque can be set by means of a washer or a coin.


Self-made tool


Coupling (1), part No. 002 545 49 28 approx. 1 m cable 1.5 mm2 black (b) + approx. 1 m cable 1.5 mm2 brown (c) -1 cable terminal + 1 cable terminal —
om617 - 0424-1.jpg
a = Locating groove


20.8-010/1 F2






For improved corrosion resistance, do not permit temperature of antifreeze concentration to drop below -20 °C (30 % by volume).
If no antifreeze is available and only water is filled in, be sure to add 1 % treating compound (anti-corrosion oil) (10 cc/l water).
Only approved antifreeze compounds (specifications for service products page 325) and treating compounds (specifications for service products page 311) may be used to prevent damage to light alloy components.
Vehicles provided with automatic climate control (models 116 and 126 as standard equipment) require given measures when filling in coolant.
The thermostat housing has an automatic venting system.


om617 - 0425-1.jpg
1 Open closing cover (arrow) on expanding tank in steps (only below 90 °C).


2 Unscrew drain plug on radiator and cylinder crank-case.
om617 - 0425-2.jpg
Drain plug on cylinder crankcase (arrow)


20.8-010/2 F 2




Filling in
3   Slowly fill in coolant up to mark on expanding tank (Fig. item 1). Do not mount closing cover.
4   Start engine and warm up to approx. 40 °C.


5 On model 116 pull plug of heating water pump (arrow) from supply line. Connect heating water pump to battery by means of self-made tool. Push “DEF” button.
om617 - 0426-1.jpg


On model 123 with automatic climate control and on model 126, push “DEF” button (arrow).
On model 123 with and without air conditioning set
heater lever to max. heating capacity.
6 Run engine warm under intermittent operation until thermostat opens.
Note: Mount closing cover starting at a coolant tem­perature of approx. 60 °C.
om617 - 0426-2.jpg


7   On model 116, connect heating water pump again to supply line.
8   Check coolant level (below 90 °C) and fill up to specified level.


20.8-010/3 F2