Intake manifold, exhaust manifold, emission control,  OM617

Removal and installation of intake manifold, replacement of gasket



14-450 Removal and installation of intake manifold, replacement of gasket


om617 - 0368-1.jpg
1 Remove air cleaner (09—400).
2 Unscrew fastening nuts (arrow) on exhaust flange.


3 Unscrew engine oil feed line (1) on turbocharger and fastening clamp.
om617 - 0368-2.jpg


4 Unscrew pressure line to switchover valve on intake manifold.
om617 - 0368-3.jpg


14.8-450/1 F2




5 Unscrew fastening bracket (arrow) for oil pipe of automatic transmission.
om617 - 0369-1.jpg


6 Loosen engine oil line (arrow) on oil filter and fastening clamp for engine oil line on cylinder head. On model 126, remove center part of partition for better access.
om617 - 0369-2.jpg


7 Unscrew supporting bracket for exhaust manifold on engine carrier.
om617 - 0369-3.jpg


8 Unscrew fastening nuts for intake manifold and exhaust manifold, remove intake manifold and exhaust manifold together with exhaust gas turbocharger.
om617 - 0369-4.jpg


14.8-450/2 F2




9   Clean intake manifold and exhaust manifold. Check flange surfaces with straightedge and refinish on surface plate, if required.
10   When replacing intake manifold or exhaust mani­fold, unscrew all unscrewable parts and mount on new parts.




11    For installation proceed vice versa using new gasket and new exhaust nuts.
12   Adjust throttle linkage (30-300).
13   Adjust idle speed (07.1-100).


14.8-450/3 F2