Injection system,  OM617

Removal and installation of injection timing device



07.1—240 Removal and installation of injection timing device


Job no. of flat rates or standard texts and flat rates data 07—8014.


Testing data


End play of intermediate sprocket shaft
Tightening torques
Hex-head bolt for injection timing device
Tightening bolt for camshaft sprocket
Special tools



Impact extractor for guide rail pins (basic unit)
om617 - 0300-1.jpg
116 589 20 33 00


Stud M 6,
50 mm long
116 589 01 34 00
StudM 6
, 150 mm long
116 589 02 34 00


Supporting plate
om617 - 0300-2.jpg
616 589 02 40 00




The injection timing device is attached to the inter­mediate sprocket shaft (104) by a hex-head bolt (95).
Vacuum pump lubrication is provided via the inter­mediate sprocket shaft (104) and the hollow hex-head bolt (95). The adjustment range of the injection timing device amounts to 8° up to model year 1979, starting model year 1980 7.5°.
om617 - 0300-3.jpg
94   Retaining screw
95   Hex-head bolt M 10×45
97   Washer
98   Injection timing device
99   BoltM6x 12
100   Lock washer B 6
101    Lock washer
102   Bearing bush
103   Woodruff key
104   Intermediate sprocket shaft
105   Bearing bush, rear 109 Bearing bush, injection
timing device


07.1.8-240/1 F3




om617 - 0301-1.jpg
Remove radiator.
2        Unscrew suction and pressure line of diaphragm vacuum pump or suction line of piston vacuum pump and vacuum pump from cylinder crankcase.
3        Unscrew fastening nut of injection timing device.
4        Remove cylinder head cover.
5        Unscrew bolt holding camshaft sprocket (53).
53 Camshaft sprocket
89 Guide rail
94 Retaining screw
93 Guide rail 93a Guide rail


6 Turn crankshaft in normal direction to TDC mark.
om617 - 0301-2.jpg


For correct camshaft alignment, position mark on shim adjacent to that on 1st camshaft bearing (arrow).
om617 - 0301-3.jpg


07.1.8-240/2 F3




7        Using ink or paint, mark meshing point of chain on injection timing device, and position of injection timing device relative to crankcase.
8        Remove chain tensioner (05—310).
9        Unscrew hex-head bolts, withdraw bearing pin and then remove guide rail (89).
10      Detach camshaft sprocket, noting shim between camshaft and camshaft sprocket. Leave chain on sprocket and deposit together in chain box.
om617 - 0302-1.jpg
11 Unscrew chain drive retaining screw (94) and withdraw upper pin of guide rail (93) using puller.
53 Camshaft sprocket 89 Guide rail
93    Guide rail 93a Guide rail
94    Retaining screw


12      Lift chain out of injection timing device, sliding support plate between injection timing device and chain for this purpose. For better fixing, intro­duce guide pin (arrow) into tapped hole.
13      Remove or push off injection timing device.
After removing injection timing device, be sure not to turn crankshaft or camshaft.
om617 - 0302-2.jpg
14 Remove injection timing device bush (2) and thrust ring (3) from intermediate sprocket shaft.
1    Injection timing device
2   Bush
3   Thrust ring
4    Intermediate sprocket shaft
5   Woodruff keys


07.1.8-240/3 F3




15 Check guide rails (93 and 93a) (sight-check), exchanging if necessary.


om617 - 0303-1.jpg
16     Oil thrust ring (3) and bush (2), slipping onto intermediate sprocket shaft. Make sure that both Woodruff keys (5) are correctly seated (illustration. No. 14).
Note: If injection timing device needs exchanging, position the old one on the new one in such a way that the keyways of the one agree with those of the other. The paint mark on the old injection timing device must now be transferred to the new one.
17     Slip injection timing device onto intermediate sprocket shaft.
93 Guide rail 93a Guide rail


18 Draw chain upward and lift camshaft sprocket with chain, making sure that mark on injection timing device agrees with that on crankcase. If necessary, turn injection timing device until the two marks agree again. Then withdraw supporting plate. If marks are offset, insert supporting plate again and relocate chain on sprocket to make marks agree.


19 Slip camshaft sprocket and chain onto cam­shaft, making sure that mark in shim agrees with mark in first camshaft bearing.
om617 - 0303-2.jpg


07.1.8-240/4 F3




Check once again whether all marks are aligned in same way as before removal and whether TDC position of balance disk is correct.
om617 - 0304-1.jpg


om617 - 0304-2.jpg


20      Install chain tensioner (05-310).
21       Introduce bearing pin of guide rail (93a) into crankcase, coating pin end with sealant. While driving into position, make sure that wire retainer of guide rail engages notch in bearing pin.
om617 - 0304-3.jpg
22      Insert and tighten retaining screw (94) with new sealing ring.
23      Check start of delivery adjusting if necessary (07.1-110and 115).
24      Vent injection system (07.1-140).






25 Fit hollow hex-head bolt and torque to 40 Nm.
Be sure to use hollow hex-head bolt only.


26 Check end play of intermediate sprocket shaft Specified value is 0.05—0.12 mm. Withdraw thrust ring (3) if necessary.
om617 - 0305-1.jpg


27       Insert camshaft sprocket bolt and torque to 80 Nm.
28      Check injection timing device for satisfactory operation, using a wrench to turn hexagon screw clock­wise to stop. When screw is released, injection timing device must return to old position.
29      Fit vacuum pump with new gasket and connect vacuum lines.
30      Hold guide rail (89) in position, insert drive pin and tighten.
31      Fit cylinder head cover, making sure that rubber gasket is correctly seated.
32       Attach and check control linkage, adjusting if necessary (30-300).
33      Fit radiator and connect all lines.
34      Run engine and check for leakage.
om617 - 0305-2.jpg


07.1.8-240/6 F2