Crankshaft assembly,  OM617

Static balancing of balancing disc



03—344 Static balancing of balancing disc


Special tool


Mounting mandrel for balancing disc
om617 - 0120-1.jpg
617 589 02 63 00


Conventional tool


Rotating fixture
e.g. made by Trebel, D-4030 Ratingen type EO




The state of balance of the old balancing disc must be transferred to the new balancing disc.
Whenever possible, a broken balancing disc should be glued together with all its parts and should be stati­cally balanced together with the new balancing disc.


Static balancing


1    Place new balancing disc on balancing mandrel offset by 180° in relation to old balancing disc.
2    Let balancing mandrel with both balancing discs swing to a stop on rotating fixture.


om617 - 0120-2.jpg






3 Drill into new balancing disc until the discs will come to a stop on rotating fixture in any position without swinging back and forth.
Pay attention to location of balancing holes (Fig.).


Hole depth max. 15 mm.
om617 - 0121-1.jpg