Crankshaft assembly,  OM617

Renewing rear crankshaft radial sealing ring



03—327 Renewing rear crankshaft radial sealing ring


Tightening torques


Necked-down screw for camshaft gear


Connecting rod nuts
initial torque
angle of rotation torque
Necked-down screws for
initial torque
flywheel or driven plate
angle of rotation torque
Crankshaft bearing bolts


Special tool




Angle of rotation tool
om617 - 0114-1.jpg
116 589 01 13 00


Self-made tool


Gauge for cutting-off rear radial sealing ring
refer to Fig. item 4




The radial sealing ring is graphite gray similar to that in other diesel engines.
om617 - 0114-2.jpg
1 Remove engine (01 -030).
2 Remove crankshaft.


03.8-327/1 F 2




3 Place radial sealing ring into cylinder crankcase and into oil pan and work in by means of a lubricated hammer handle.
om617 - 0115-1.jpg


4 To obtain the required overlap, cut off radial sealing ring in cylinder crankcase and oil pan approx. 1.0 mm above parting surface.


Dimension a = 1.0 mm


om617 - 0115-2.jpg


Note: For cutting-off, a self-made template according to drawing can be used.
om617 - 0115-3.jpg
Dimension a = 1.0 mm


5   Lubricate radial sealing ring prior to installing crankshaft.
6   Install crankshaft.
7   Mount oil pan, rotate crankshaft and check for unobstructed operation.


03.8-327/2 F 2