Crankcase and cylinder head,  OM617

Renewing, boring and honing cylinder liners



01—115 Renewing, boring and honing cylinder liners


Coordination piston cylinder


Version l)
Group no.
Piston dia.
Cylinder dia.
0 1 2
90.845 – 90.855 above 90.855-90.865 above 90.865 – 90.875
90.898 – 90.908 above 90.908-90.918 above 90.918-90.928


Cylinder crankcase


Basic bore in cylinder crankcase for cylinder liner
94.000 94.035
Permissible out-of-true of basic bore in cylinder crankcase
Roughness of cylinder crankcase parting surface
Cylinder bore


Permissible out-of-round and conicity of cylinder bore
Permissible roughness of cylinder bore
Permissible waviness of cylinder bore
50 % of roughness
Honing angle
Chamfer of cylinder bores
refer to Fig.


Self-made tool


om617 - 0031-1.jpg


01.8-115/1 F2




Always install approved cylinder liners only (refer to spare parts data).
Owing to different manufacturers, the cylinder liners are identified with notches at lower edge.
1 notch = Teves; 2 notches = Pleuco;
3 notches = Wizemann; 4 notches = Brico




1    Press out cylinder liners with self-made mandrel and a press or knock out with a hammer.
2   Thoroughly clean basic bore.
om617 - 0032-1.jpg
A = 4.3-4.6 mm
B = 96.02-96.08 mm
C = 0.25-0.35 mm
D = 94.000-94.035 mm


3 Measure basic bore (D) in cylinder crankcase.
If the out-of-true condition exceeds 0.1 mm, do not use cylinder crankcase any longer.


4 Position new cylinder liners. Place steel plate of pertinent size on liner flange and press-in liner with a press or knock in with a hammer.
After pressing or knocking in cylinder liner, leave for another approx. 7 seconds under press (setting pres­sure) or add a few setting blows with hammer.


01.8-115/2 F2




5   Mill or grind off projecting liner flange. Remove as little as possible from cylinder crankcase parting surface. Guide milling cutter or grinding wheel centrally over cylinder bores.
6   Enlarge cylinder liner bores in two steps. For honing, leave an allowance of 0.03 mm in bores.
om617 - 0033-1.jpg
7   Chamfer cylinder liners.
8   Hone cylinder bores.
9   Measure cylinder bores and select pertinent pistons (02-316).


01.8-115/3 F2