Crankcase and cylinder head,  OM617

Pressure-testing cylinder head



01 -420 Pressure-testing cylinder head




Test pressure with air under water in bar gauge pressure (atii)


Special tools


Pressure plate
om617 - 0082-1.jpg
617 589 01 25 00


Suspension device
om617 - 0082-2.jpg
115 589 34 63 00


Conventional tool


Electrically heated water basin
e.g. made by Otto Diirr, D-7123 Sachsenheim-Ochsenbach


Pressure test


If cylinder seems to have cracks (coolant loss), a pressure test is required.
1   Screw pressure plate on clean cylinder head.
2   Close bores and connections.
3   Connect compressed air hose (1) and set compressed air to 2 bar gauge pressure.


om617 - 0082-3.jpg


01.8-420/1 F2




4 Attach cylinder head to suspension device and lower into water heated to 80 °C.
om617 - 0083-1.jpg
5 If air bubbles are rising, find leaks.


01.8–420/2 F 2