Engine lubrication, oil cooler,  M110

Removal and installation of outer oil return line



18-030 Removal and installation of outer oil return line




The intake manifold of fuel injection engines has to be detached for replacement of the return lined).


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1    Detach oil return adaptor at cylinder head.
2    Detach both oil lines to air oil cooler at filter upper section and loosen clamps (arrows).
3    Pull oil return line off of adaptor at oil pan and oil return adaptor.
Models 114 and 116


Models 116 with CIS and 123

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Model 126
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18.2-030/1 F3




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4   Install new oil return line on oil return adaptor.
5   Soften lower end of oil return line by placing in boiling water and then install on oil pan adaptor up to stop without delay.
6   Install oil return adaptor with new gasket and both oil lines.
7    Run engine and check for leaks.


18.2-030/2 F3