M110,  Mechanical gazoline injection system CIS

Removal and installation of mixture controller



07.3—200 Removal and installation of mixture controller


Tightening torques


Hex. screws mixture controller to air guide housing


Hex. nuts mixture controller to intake manifold (rubber buffer)


Injection lines and fuel lines to fuel distributor (reference value)


Injection lines to injection valves (reference value)


Special tool


Torque wrench 1/4″ square, 4—16 Nm
m110 - 0491-1.jpg
000 589 67 21 00


m110 - 0491-2.jpg
1    Remove air cleaner.
2   Unscrew all fuel and injection lines on fuel distribu­tor and on injection valves. Catch fuel with a rag.
Close fuel feed and return line blind.
3   Pull electric connecting cable, to the extend installed, from safety switch.
4   Unscrew all hex. screws and both hex. nuts from mixture controller.


5   Remove mixture controller.
6   Renew air guide housing according to condition. For this purpose, loosen hose clamp on rubber sleeve and on contour hose for idle air.


07.3.2 I la-200/1 F2






7   Mount air guide housing.
8   Install mixture controller with Curil K 2 or Hylomar in vice versa sequence.
9   Tighten hex. screws and hex. nuts to 9—10 Nm.
10   Connect injection lines and fuel lines. Pay attention to tightening torques as reference values.
When tightening injection lines and fuel lines, apply counterhold to injection valves as well as to double thread connections on fuel distributor.
11    Run engine and check all fuel connections for leaks.
12   Adjust idle speed (07.3-100).


07.3.2 Ila-200/2 F2