Ignition system,  M110

Removal and installation of ignition distributor



07.5—510 Removal and installation of ignition distributor


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1    Remove protective cap, distributor cover, cable plug connections and vacuum line.
2   Set engine to ignition TDC of 1st cylinder. For this purpose, the markings on the distributor rotor and on distributor housing should be in alignment.


In addition, the pointer on crankcase should be above TDC mark of vibration damper.
On engines where the vibration damper carries a “010” mark also for BDC in addition to mark for TDC, the TDC mark is adjacent to pin in vibration damper.
m110 - 0561-2.jpg
1 TDC mark


Rotate engine with combination tool.
Do not rotate engine at fastening bolts of camshaft gears. Do not rotate engine in reverse.
3 Loosen hex. socket screw of distributor attach­ment and remove ignition distributor.
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07.5.2 Ib—510/1






4    For installation proceed vice versa. Pay special attention to markings (refer to item 2).
5   Check closing angle (dwell angle) and firing point and adjust (07.5-500).


07.5.2 lb-510/2