M110,  M110 - Fuel system

Removal and installation of fuel expansion tank



47—705 Removal and installation of fuel expansion tank


A. Model 107.04




On models 107.02, 116, 123 and 126 sedan and coupe the fuel expansion tank is integrated in fuel tank and cannot be disassembled.


m110 - 0850-1.jpg
1    Remove hard top. Open top lock and remove top.
2   Remove trunk mat.
3   Unscrew fastening screw (arrow) for expansion tank.


4 Unscrew rear wall and remove. For this purpose, loosen lining in upper edge range and laterally and unscrew fastening screws (arrows).
m110 - 0850-2.jpg


5 On vehicles with battery in trunk, remove battery and battery encasing (arrows).
m110 - 0850-3.jpg


47.2 lib—705/1 F2




6 Remove protective sleeve (arrow) and unclip vent line from holding clamp.
m110 - 0851-1.jpg


7 On (aus) , (J) and (usa) version vehicles, pull fuel hose (arrow) from vent line.
m110 - 0851-2.jpg


8 Remove fuel hoses (2) on fuel tank or on ex­pansion tank.
Note: If the fuel hoses are removed or mounted on expansion tank, apply counterhold to connections when loosening or tightening hose clamps.


1   Expansion tank
2   Fuel hoses
3  Fuel tank Large arrow = Vent line
m110 - 0851-3.jpg


47.2 llb-705/2 F2




9 Unscrew fastening screws (arrows) and remove expansion tank, while pulling out black vent line in upward direction through trunk floor.
m110 - 0852-1.jpg




10 For installation proceed vice versa. Make sure that the vent line is installed first behind filler neck of fuel tank.
Note: Check fuel system for leaks.


Large arrow = Vent line
m110 - 0852-2.jpg


47.2 llb-705/3 F2




B. Model 123.09 T-sedan


m110 - 0853-1.jpg
1    Remove spare wheel casing and spare wheel.
Slightly lift spare wheel casing during removal until pins (arrows) are disengaging.
2   Unscrew fastening screw (2) of lateral lining.
3   Loosen hose clamps (arrows) on vent lines and pull off hoses, tightly close lines and hoses.
4   Unscrew fastening screws (1) of expansion tank (55). For this purpose, slightly lift side and wheel house panelling at front fastening screw seen in driving direction. Remove expansion tank.
m110 - 0853-2.jpg


5 For installation proceed vice versa.


Note: Check hose connections for leaks.


47.2 lib—705/4 F2