M110,  M110 - Fuel system

Fuel cooler



47-850 Fuel cooler


(T) starting 1979, (©) starting 1980


Model 116, 123,126




To keep the fuel temperature as low as possible also at high outside temperatures, a fuel cooler is installed in refrigerant line from evaporator to refrigerant compressor. This is essentially a double tube version, with the refrigerant (R 12) flowing through the inner tube and the fuel to be cooled through the annular space between outer and inner tube.
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1 Return flow line 75 Fuel cooler




With the engine running, the excess fuel in fuel distributor flows without pressure through return flow line (1) and fuel cooler (75) back into fuel tank.
As long as the refrigerant compressor is switched on, the gaseous refrigerant, which flows through the inner tube of the fuel cooler, will extract heat from the fuel.


a    Fuel inlet
b    Fuel outlet
c    Outer tube
d    Inner tube
e    Armaflex hose

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47.2 lib—850/1 F2