Carburetor, fuel pump, throttle linkage,  M110

Checking and correcting choke housing mark



07.2—142 Checking and correcting choke housing mark


Testing and adjusting values


Distance “a” between choke housing and driver (197)
approx. 1.0 mm


Choke cover preload
to mark


Checking, correcting
m110 - 0316-1.jpg
1    Check whether driver (196 and 197) is at right angle in relation to choke housing and bend lever accordingly, if required.
2   Operate throttle valve lever by half, push driver (196 or 197) to the left up to stop.
3   Check whether choke valve is closed free of play and distance “a” between driver (197) and choke housing amounts to approx. 1.0 mm.


4 Disconnect choke rod, if required, and bend as needed.
To avoid distortion of driver (196), support choke rod.
m110 - 0316-2.jpg


5 Actuate throttle valve lever by half. Push driver (194 or 196) to the left up to stop.
m110 - 0316-3.jpg
Rebending choke rod


07.2.2 la—142/1




6 Check marking notch (arrow) in extension of driver (194 or 196) and punch in new notch, if required.
m110 - 0317-1.jpg


07.2.2 la-142/2