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Facing camshaft housing



01-472 Facing camshaft housing

Facing camshaft housing



Total height of new camshaft housing
Min. height after machining
Permissible deviation from parallel between upper and lower parting surface in longitudinal direction
Mean height of roughness of parting surfaces
Conventional tools


Surface grinding machine with milling equipment for light alloy surfaces
e.g. made by Ruaro u. Fi., Schio/ltaly Scledum, type RTY
Knife-edged straightedge approx. 750 mm long





The camshaft housing may only be faced, if mechanical damage is visible on the mating surfaces.
A distorted camshaft housing will align with the cyl­inder head when tightened.


Only 0.4 mm may be machined off of the camshaft housing mating surfaces to the cylinder head or cyl­inder head cover. The same amount of material must be removed from the bearing surfaces for the gaskets at the spark plugs (2) as was machined from the mating surface to the cylinder head cover (1).
If the camshaft housing was faced, the timing must be adjusted (05-215).
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01.2-472/1 F3