Engine removal and installation, ventilation, cran,  M110

Checking compression


01—010 Checking compression


Test values in bar for engine at operating temperature


Compression Compression ratio                 normal
t : 1
Min. Compression Max. difference
between separate cylinders


Normal compression
approx. 8,5


Low compression
max. 1,5


(T) (T) starting 1976 (aus)              starting 1977
approx. 7,5


Special tool


Compression recorder with attachments and contact grip.
m110 - 0008-1.jpg
001 589 46 21 00




Check compression with coolant at temperature of 80° C.
Check cylinders for leaks if compression is less than the minimum specification (01—015).
Unscrew all spark plugs for testing.


01.2-010/1 F3


Models 107, 114 and 116
Connect contact handle to battery + and terminal 50 on starter.
Disconnect cable on ignition coil terminal 1.
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Model 123
Connect contact handle to terminal 30 and to ter­minal 50 on cable connector.
Disconnect cable on ignition coil terminal 1.
m110 - 0009-2.jpg



On engines with CIS injection system, pull-off relay with code number 21 (3) for fuel pump—warm-up compensator.
m110 - 0009-3.jpg





Model 126
Separate cable plug, arrow terminal 16, so that the ignition coil, and on engines with CIS the fuel pump, cannot be activated. Connect terminal 30 and 50.
m110 - 0009-4.jpg



 01.2-010/2 F3


1    Rotate engine for several turns with ignition switched off and idle speed or selector lever position ,,P” so that residue and soot will be blown out.
2   For testing, rotate engine for eight turns while opening throttle valve.
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01.2-010/3 F3