Engine cooling,  OM617

Checking of expansion tank closing cover



20—430 Checking of expansion tank closing cover


Expansion tank closing cover


Pressure relief valve opens at
new closing cover 1-Oio’]5 bar gage pressure
used closing cover 1.0—0.2 bar gage pressure
om617 - 0454-1.jpg


Vacuum valve starts opening at 0.1 bar vacuum


Special tools
om617 - 0454-2.jpg
001 589 48 21 00
Tester for cooling system
Double connection for expansion tank closing cover for cooling system tester
000 589 73 63 00


Checking pressure relief valve
om617 - 0454-3.jpg
1    Attach double connection on tester for cooling system by means of holders.
2   Place expansion tank closing cover on double connection.
3   Check by pumping opening pressure.


Checking vacuum valve


The vacuum valve (arrow) should rest against rubber seal, valve should lift easily and snap back upon release.
om617 - 0454-4.jpg


20.8-430/1 F 2