Belt drives,  OM617

Renewing and tensioning of V-belt



13—340 Renewing and tensioning of V-belt


V-belt dimensions and adjusting values




A Alternator Coolant pump
B Refrigerant compressor


C Power steering pump


9.5 x 10351) (2 each)


12.5 x 1145
Adjusting value KG scale on measur­ing instrument






l) Double V-belts may be installed in pairs and from one manufacturer only.


Conventional tool


Measuring instrument (Krikit)
e.g. made by Gates GmbH
Gravener StraBe 191-193, D-4018 Langenfeld 2
e.g. made by Gates Rubber Company
999 S. Broadway, USA-80217 Denver/Colorado


om617 - 0324-1.jpg
The Krikit measuring instrument is recommended for testing V-belt tension.
1    Crankshaft
2   Coolant pump
3   Alternator
4 Refrigerant compressor 6 Power steering pump


Handling of measuring instrument
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For testing V-belt tension the measuring instrument can be handled in various ways:
a) With thumb and forefinger against rubber loop, with the finger tips resting on pushbutton.


13.8-340/1 F 2




b) With forefinger from above in rubber loop.
om617 - 0325-1.jpg


c) With forefinger laterally between rubber loop and pushbutton.
om617 - 0325-2.jpg


om617 - 0325-3.jpg
1    Lower indicator arm on measuring instrument.
2   Place measuring instrument on V-belt in center between pulleys. The lateral stop of the measuring instrument should rest laterally against V-belt (arrow).
On double belt drive, make sure that the measuring instrument rests on one V-belt only.


3 Exert a uniform, vertical pressure on V-belt upper surface by means of pushbutton, until click spring is audibly (or noticeably) disengaging.
Note: Upon disengagement of click spring, do not continue pushing on measuring instrument, since otherwise a wrong measuring value will be indicated.


13.8-340/2 F 2




4   Carefully lift measuring instrument from V-belt. Avoid knocks against instrument and do not change position of indicator arm.
5    Read tensioning value at point of intersection of indicator arm and upper scale (KG scale, arrow).
The respective adjusting values refer to upper scale of measuring instrument.
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Check condition of V-belt
Replace cracked, porous, burnt or worn V-belts.
If one of the two V-belts of double belt drive for alternator and coolant pump fails due to wear, always replace both V-belts on principle.
Use only V-belts in pairs made by one and the same manufacturer.
V-belts are available as spare parts in sets only.


1    Move tensioning device or units into starting posi­tion.
2   Mount V-belt without using force.
3   Tension V-belt.


om617 - 0326-2.jpg
V-belt A Alternator — coolant pump
1 Loosen nut (1) and screws (2 and 3).


13.8-340/3 F2




2   Tension V-belt by means of nut (5) of tensioning screw (4).
3   Tighten nut (1) and screws (2 and 3).
4   Continue turning nut (5) by approx. 1 /4 to 1 /2 turn (to tight seat).
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V-belt B Refrigerant compressor
om617 - 0327-2.jpg
1 Loosen screws (6, 7 and 8).


2   Tension V-belt by means of nut (9) of tensioning screw (10).
3   Tighten screws (6, 7 and 8).
om617 - 0327-3.jpg


V-belt C Power steering pump
om617 - 0327-4.jpg
1 Loosen nuts (11, 12 and 13).


13.8-340/4- F2




2 Tension V-belt by means of tensioning screw (14).
om617 - 0328-1.jpg
3 Tighten nuts (11, 12 and 13).


13.8-340/5 F 2