M110,  M110 - Fuel system

Removal and installation of immersion tube transmitter



47—710 Removal and installation of immersion tube transmitter


Tightening torque


Immersion tube transmitter


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Model 107, 116, 123 sedan and coupe
1    Remove hard top on 107.04, open top lock and unfold top.
2   Remove closing cover (3).
Model 107.04


3 Remove first aid kit and plastic tray (arrow) on models 107.02, 116 and 123.
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4   Pull off coupling (1) on immersion tube transmitter (4) and secure with a wire against slipping off.
5   Unscrew immersion tube transmitter.
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47.2 lib—710/1 F2




Model 123T-sedan
1 Loosen luggage compartment floor by turning toggle lock and remove.
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2 Remove storage compartment.
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3 Pull off coupling (66) for fuel gage and unscrew immersion tube transmitter (65).
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Model 126
1    Remove rear seat bench and backrest (refer to body).
2   Remove closing cover.
3   Pull off coupling (66) and protect against slipping off.
4   Unscrew immersion tube transmitter (65).
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47.2 lib—710/2 F2




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All models
4 For installation proceed vice versa as follows:
a) Use new rubber sealing ring.




b)  Remove locking pin (arrow) prior to installing immersion tube transmitter.
c)  Check function of fuel gage.
d)  Tighten immersion tube transmitter to 35—43 Nm.
e)  Plug on coupling for fuel gage.
f)   Check for leaks.
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47.2 lib—710/3 F2