Emission - oxygen sensor control, EGR, exhaust,  M110

Removal and installation of exhaust manifold



14—470 Removal and installation of exhaust manifold


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Starting with increased output, the cross section of the exhaust manifold has been slightly enlarged and the connection for the exhaust pipes was changed to outer ball (up to now inner ball). For installation date refer to 14—450.
Prior to September 1981


Starting September 1981
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Removal and installation
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1    Remove and install exhaust system (49—100).
2   Unscrew all exhaust nuts and remove exhaust manifold.


14.2 Mb—470/1 F2




3 Mount exhaust manifold with new gaskets. Make sure that the bead (arrow) points toward exhaust manifold.
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14.2 llb-470/2 F2