Carburetor, fuel pump, throttle linkage,  M110

Testing pulldown diaphragm for leaks



07.2—134 Testing pulldown diaphragm for leaks


Special tool


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000 589 40 37 00


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a) Choke housing version 1 (sheet metal pulldown)
1    Run engine at idle until diaphragm rests against end stop. Pinch vacuum hose, stop engine.
2   Push with screwdriver against sheet metal cup of diaphragm and check whether diaphragm is still resting against end stop. Replace vacuum hose or dashpot (46), if required.


b) Choke housing version 2 (cast iron choke housing)
3 For this purpose, pinch vacuum hose with clamp with engine running. Stop engine. Open choke valve to gap. Choke valve gap should not become smaller, if it does, pulldown is leaking. Replace pulldown cover or diaphragm, if required.
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Pulldown cover with O-ring


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