Carburetor, fuel pump, throttle linkage,  M110

Adjusting choke rod



07.2-132 Adjusting choke rod


Testing and adjusting value


Distance “a” between choke housing and driver (197)
approx. 1.0 mm


Checking, correcting
m110 - 0310-1.jpg
1 Check whether driver (196 and 197) is at right angle in relation to choke housing and rebend lever, if required.
Choke housing version 1


2   Operate throttle valve lever by half. Push driver (196 or 194) to the left up to stop.
3   Check whether choke valve is closed free of play
and whether the distance “a” between driver (197) and choke housing amounts to approx. 1.0 mm.
m110 - 0310-2.jpg
Choke housing version 2


4 Disconnect choke rod (41) if required and bend as needed.
To prevent distortion of driver (196), support choke rod.
m110 - 0310-3.jpg


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