Carburetor, fuel pump, throttle linkage,  M110

Adjusting accelerating pump



07.2—150 Adjusting accelerating pump


Testing and adjusting values


Begin of injection


Special tool


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Perfect functioning of accelerating pump as well as accurate adjustment of pump are absolutely neces­sary for perfect starting or bypass characteristics. Starting and bypass faults may be caused by a wrong direction of injection jet, the jet should not touch neither the pre-atomizer nor the edge of the Venturi. Unless otherwise specified, injection should begin immediately. If the injected quantity is too low, bypass faults may occur in stage I and from stage I — II (stage jump).


Testing, adjusting
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a) Begin of injection
1    Keep engine running. Pinch vacuum hose (64), shut off engine.
2   Check whether throttle valve lever (3) is resting against idle speed adjusting screw (68) and adjust vacuum governor, if required.


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3 Set adjusting nut (25) in such a manner that the actuating lever (198) depresses the diaphragm pressure pin (199) by 1.0 mm.
Note: If no self-locking polystop adjusting nut (25) is installed, secure adjusting nut following adjustment by compressing (pinching) nut.
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b) Operation and direction of injection
4 For this purpose, slowly actuate throttle valve lever, so that a uniform fuel jet will come out of both injection bores (arrows) immediately and on both sides.
The fuel jet should not touch edge of Venturi and pre-atomizer, since this may result in starting and bypass faults. If required, remove carburetor cover and clean injection bores.
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