Emission - oxygen sensor control, EGR, exhaust,  M110

Removal and installation of air pump



14-250 Removal and installation of air pump


Federal and California version model year 1977/78/79


m110 - 0645-1.jpg
1    Loosen fastening screw (1) and screw out.
2   Swivel air pump inwards and remove V-belt.


3   Compress hose clamp (arrow) on contour hose with combination pliers and push approx. 2 cm to the rear.
4   Pull contour hose from air pump connection.
5   Loosen fastening screw (2) and unscrew, remove air pump in downward direction.
m110 - 0645-2.jpg




6 For installation proceed vice versa.
Note: V-belt is correctly tensioned if it will resiliently yield under energetic thumb pressure.


14.2-250/1 USA 1977/78/79 F2