General, technical data,  M110

Engine and vehicle identyfication and number locations

00 Engine number and vehicle indentification tag location
Installation Survey
Engines with CIS (Continuous Injection System)
in-line engine with
dual two-stage carbu-
6-Cylinder retor.
Chassis type
Engine type
Chassis type
Engine type
280 E 280 CE 280 SE
123.033 123.053 116.024
110.984 110.984 110.985
280 C 280 S
114.073 116.020
110.921 110.922
Identification of Vehicle
m110 - 0002-1.jpg
When ordering spare parts, please quote chassis and engine numbers.
With your MERCEDES-BENZ you receive two vehi­cle data cards listing all major vehicle data.
m110 - 0002-2.jpg
Engine No. stamped on left front of cylinder block (arrow)
1    Certification Tag (left door pillar)
2    Identification Tag (left window post)
3    Chassis No.
4    Engine No.
5    Body No. and Paintwork No.
6    Information Tag California Version
Vacuum line routing for emission control system
7    Emission Control Tag
8    Emission Control Tag Catalyst Information