47—705 Removal and installation of fuel expansion tank

Model 123T-sedan

om617 - 0516-1.jpg
1    Remove spare wheel paneling and spare wheel.
Lift spare wheel paneling slightly during removal until pins (arrows) disengage.
2   Unscrew fastening screw (2) of side paneling.
3    Loosen hose clamps (arrows) on vent lines and pull off hoses, tightly close lines and hoses.
4   Unscrew fastening screws (1) of expansion tank (55). For this purpose, slightly lift side and wheel house paneling at fastening screw located at the front when seen in driving direction. Remove expansion tank.
om617 - 0516-2.jpg


5 For installation proceed vice versa. Note: Check hose connections for leaks.

47.8-705/1 F 3