01—140 Replacing core hole closing cover in cylinder crankcase

Special tool

Mandrel for knocking-in core hole closing covers
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Core holes in cylinder crankcase are closed with sheet metal covers (34 mm dia.).
Replace leaking closing covers on principle.
At the right (driving direction) the closing plug (M 38 x 1.5) remains in place.
Driving direction left

This core hole can be used to insert cooling water preheater.
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Driving direction right

Transmission end
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01.8-140/1 F2




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1    Completely drain coolant.
2    Remove components which obstruct access (e.g. transmission, intermediate flange, injection pump etc.).
Drain plug on cylinder crankcase

3 Position a chisel with a narrow blade or a screw­driver into deep drawn edge of closing cover.
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4 Carefully knock closing cover on one side down until cover has turned around its own longitudinal axis (approx. 90°).
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5 Position water pump pliers against flange of pro­jecting section and pull out closing cover.
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01.8-140/2 F2




6   Thoroughly clean core hole from residue. Sealing surface should be free of grease (arrow).
7   Coat core hole with sealing glue, part no. 002 989 94 71.
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8   Knock-in new closing cover by means of mandrel.
9   Attach removed components.
10   Add coolant.
Note: The sealing glue should cure for approx. 45 minutes before adding coolant.
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11 Run engine warm and check for leaks.

01.8-140/3 F2