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01—010 Checking compression pressure
Test values with engine at operating temperature
Positive pressure in bar
Minimum compression pressure ) at
Normal compression
approx. 8.5
approx. 7.5
Low compression
Permissible difference between the individual cylinders
max. 1.5
) Check cylinders for leaks if compression pressure is below minimum.
Special tools
Compression pressure recorder with accessories
001 589 76 21 00
Adapter line for compression pressure recorder                                                                                                                                              
124 589 36 63 00
Check compression pressure at operating temperature.
Check cylinders for leaks if compression pressure is below minimum (01—015).
For checking, unscrew all spark plugs.
Disconnect plug connection (X27) from cable harness and connect adapter line (01) with singlepole coupling to plug connection (terminal 50) of the cable harness.
Rotate the engines with the starter motor. To do so, connect the terminals specified in each case.
On vehicles with screw-type cable connectors, use the crocodile clip with the single-pole plug instead of the adapter line.
01.7-010/1 F 3
Model 107
M116   0012 1
On the 4-pole cable connector, disconnect cable
(color red/violet) at terminal 16 and switch off
ignition, so that the ignition coil and the fuel pump
are not activated. Connect terminal 30 (cable color
red) and terminal 50 (cable color violet).
Model 126
Separate plug (terminal 16, arrow), switch off igni-
tion so that ignition coil and fuel pump are not
Connect the terminals shown with arrows.
1 Unscrew all spark plugs.
2 Rotate engine several times to expel residue and soot. (Selector lever: position N or P).
3 Press compression pressure recorder into the spark plug hole of the cylinder concerned.
4 For checking, rotate crankshaft approx. 8 times
at full throttle.
Check all cylinders in this manner. First move data sheet in compression pressure recorder into new working position.
01.7-010/2 F3
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