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Instructions for use of service manual
Complete Service Manual coverage for late model year Mercedes-Benz vehicles requires three individual manuals:
  • Service Manual,
  • Engine Service Manual,
  • Chassis and body
  • Service Manual,
  • Heating and air conditioning
Throughout these manuals, the vehicles are identified by their chassis and engine numbers. These numbers are made up of the first six digits of the respective serial number.
For the actual location of chassis and engine numbers, see page 00-015 1.
In case where the repair instructions apply to allversions, only the first three digits of the respective number are referenced.
For example, the engine type in model 500 SEC is 117.963. The number 117 applies to all 5.0 liter light alloy V-8 gasoline engines with overhead camshafts produced from 1984-85.
Location of specific repair instructions. First locate the Group No. in the Group Index.
Individual groups are separated by an easily visible dividing page, which is followed by the job index
page. Then check the job index for the exact job required. The first page of a typical job description
looks like this:
M116   0001 1
The original page format was developed for use on microfiche. In order to use the same originals for printing this manual, the page numbers always
appear on the lower left of each page. In some chapters, the page numbering will jump because the
sections from the microfiche that do not apply to USA specification vehicles have been left out.
Technical data, tightening torques and tools are listed at the beginning of each job.
All dimensions are in metric units, unless otherwise indicated. Any part numbers given are only used for identification and easier differentiation between
individual components, and are not intended forordering purposes.
00 - 005 1
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